29th August 2019

Donate Don't Waste

We’re waiting for the University to decide whether or not Donate Don’t Waste will go ahead in Summer 2021.

Donate, Don't Waste it is about reducing waste and supporting charities.

It's a city-wide partnership between the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield City Council working with a local charity - S6 Foodbank - and a national charity, the British Heart Foundation.

  1. Students moving out
  2. Moving out of UoS residencies
  3. Living in privately rented accomodation
  4. Council's clear sacks
  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
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Reducing waste and supporting charities

Students moving out

Donate, Don't Waste supports students moving out of residences or rented houses and helps you to recycle and pass on as much as possible to reduce the tonnes of stuff that gets binned each year.

There are lots of options (see elsewhere on these pages for detailed instructions):

  • Use our DONATE points at the University of Sheffield Residences, the Students’ Union and all around the city
  • Food Drive
  • Recycling using your Blue Bins and Brown Bins
  • Lots of ways to give to charity, pass things on and upcycle

Donate, Don't Waste is our household goods recycling scheme

Sheffield Hallam Students

If you’re a Hallam student, head on over to the Hallam Students' Union website for info about where to donate and where to collect your Donate, Don’t Waste packs.

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Residence life

Moving out of UoS residences

At key moving out times, the University of Sheffield runs Donate, Don't Waste at the residences to help you donate unwanted items. Bag up your donations and take your items to your nearest donation point. There are loads around the residences. Check out the map to find your nearest one.

Take any knives and sharp objects to the secure blue bins in The Edge, The Ridge common room.

Please do not donate TVs, pillows or glasses.

British Heart Foundation collection points

British Heart Foundation collection points

Living in privately rented accomodation

British Heart Foundation collection points have been distributed throughout the main areas of student homes and you can find their location on our map below.

If you have any good quality clothes, books, CDs, DVDs and small electrical items to dispose of, you can donate them to the British Heart Foundation using either official bags or any sturdy plastic bags. You can collect these bags from your Students’ Union or University accommodation service. Then take the bags to one of the many designated DONATE points shown on the map.

Important: No duvets please. Please do not leave these bags on the street as they will not be collected

Donate, Don't Waste collection points map

Council's clear sacks

Anything you can’t reuse, recycle or donate at the end of the year can be placed in one of the council’s clear sacks. Anything in these will be incinerated by the council, so they are a LAST RESORT.

You can get 2 clear sacks per person if you live in private rented accommodation. Collect your clear sacks, along with your donation sacks, from:

  • Smart Move Sheffield
  • The Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union
  • A range of helpful letting agents (ask yours if they’re helping!)

If your house appears on one of the roads marked by a black line on our map, place your filled clear sacks out for collection on the dates that will be publicised at the end fo the year. Clear sacks need to be carefully filled and placed for collection on the kerbside between these dates and the council will remove them within 48 hours.

If you live in an area not highlighted on the map, please place your clear sacks out for collection next to your black bin on its scheduled collection day between these dates.

Sorting waste into recycling bins

How to reduce your waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

It might be too late to reduce what you’ve already bought but there are plenty of reuse and recycle options for you. If you can’t make use of what we have to offer through Donate, Don’t Waste remember you can also:

  • Pass on items to other students or neighbours
  • Take things to your favourite charity shop
  • Sell things on eBay and similar platforms
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