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Sheffield SU student groups COVID-19 handbook

The COVID-19 Handbook offers practical guidance for all registered Societies and Committees of Sheffield Students’ Union about how to operate and deliver activity safely in the context of COVID-19.

The Handbook supersedes all other guides to be found on the Society Support Hub and should be adhered to in ALL circumstances.

If you want support or a chat to figure out how your group can adapt and continue to deliver amazing opportunities for students please drop us an email at

Sheffield SU student groups COVID-19 handbook
  1. Running your society
  2. Society training
  3. Money and funding
  4. Events and activities
  5. Society and committee safety
  6. Society digital tools
  7. Societies and committees shared equipment
  8. A-Z list of useful documents and forms

Running your society

Have you just been elected to a committee? Congratulations!

Here we provide you with all the advice you should need to get your Society registered with the SU and trained in your committee roles.

First thing's first - remember you must submit the relevant Committee Details via these forms:

commitee details part a

Every President or Chair must submit this form to re-register your Society or Committee for the next academic year.

commitee details part b

Every committee member must personally submit this form (including the President or Chair) with their personal contact details and answer essential questions abour their role. Individuals will need to be logged in through their email account to access the form.

All societies and committees must hold their election (AGM) during ‘Society Election Fortnight’. Our guid talks you through all you need to know to run yours successfully.

Elections guide
How To Hand Over To A New Committee

Please complete this form to submit a name change request to Societies Committee.

Powered by students, a student posing when making a peace sign

Society training

Being part of a committee can be challenging. It takes time, commitment, dedication, and above all a belief in what you’re doing. To help the SU have put together training guides as well as comprehensive training programme for committee members.

The final training programme of the 2020/21 committee year will run from mid-February 2021

training sign up

PLEASE NOTE: If a training session is no longer listed on the sign-up menu it will be because we have reached capacity for that session.

Belly dancing on stage

Let your creativity shine with SU funding advice

Group of students

See funding opportunities and grants

Students in the SU building

How to organise your society finances

Money and funding

Although creativity can bloom when the pennies are tight, money can come in pretty handy when it comes to running your society.

Here you’ll find useful guides, copies of the finance forms to download and links to funding opportunities.

Students at World Week

All you need to organise safe and enjoyable activities

Students at stalls

Guides for running your society events, balls, trips...

Students with the ROAR mascot

Get tickets in advance for SU club nights to raise money for your society

Events and activities

As we begin Semester Two, there are a number of restrictions that remain in place in the interests of the safety and wellbeing of the community. Until further notice, the following types of student group events are not permitted:

  • Bar crawls
  • Day trips
  • Residential trips
  • Camping & walking trips
  • Trips abroad
  • Balls

We are committed to reviewing and updating guidance regularly as the circumstances develop and we will notify all groups of any changes. All groups are able to run events online - for expert guidance please consult the Online Events Guide.

Our Societies and Committees run such a wide-range of exciting activities and events. These pages contain all the information that you need to organise your Society activities successfully and safely!

events film screenings trips balls socials (involving alcohol)

All rooms and equipment are free of charge to Students' Union-recognised societies, clubs and Working and Representative Committees.

book a room

External speakers

If you are wishing to invite an external speaker to your event, you must submit an External Speaker Form at least 3 weeks in advance.

Please note: you must not invite the external speaker, nor confirm the booking, until you have received full and final approval from the Students' Union.

Any approach to an external speaker must make clear that nothing is confirmed nor booked in until the SU have given full approval.

external speakers form

Society and committee safety

Safety is your number one priority. The Students' Union has public liability insurance cover for all societies and committees for your usual activities.

safety guidance
Students in the SU building

24/7 access to your society digital tools with the SU

A student waving at a camera

Manage your memberships with your digital dashboard

Group of students attending and event for Charity Hitchhike

Host your society events using your digital dashboard

Society digital tools

Going digital means you'll have all your society memberships and events all in one central digital dashboard. You have control 24/7 from your mobile, laptop or computer. We can help support you with setup and any ongoing advice.

First have a look at our helpful step by step video guides.

digital tools
Society Committee logo

Societies Committee support all societies

Students stating up a camera for a GIAG event

Society shared equipment

ShED logo

The shared equipment in SHeD can be borrowed for free

Societies and committees shared equipment

If your society needs equipment for events or activities, check out the shared equipment directory (ShED). All equipment from the ShED can be borrowed free of charge! From electronics to sports equipment to music equipment, ShED has something for every society.

The full list of items available and more information on how to fully utilise the ShED.

shed directory

Need help or advice?

Contact Societies Committee! We support, promote, develop and represent all societies and committees at the SU.

A-Z list of useful documents and forms

Below we list a quick reference A-Z list of useful documents and forms which can be found in the society support section.

On Tuesday 1st September Sheffield Students's Union published it's COVID-19 guidance for Student Groups.

The Handbook offers practical guidance for all registered Societies and Committees of Sheffield Students’ Union about how to operate and deliver activity safely in the context of COVID-19.

The Handbook supersedes all of the guides below and should be adhered to in ALL circumstances.

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