11th August 2020

Start A Society

The Students' Union has excellent support and facilities to help students see their ideas come alive and be as successful as possible.

  1. How to start a society

How to start a society

Students have the opportunity to apply to set up a brand new society to pursue their interest.

You can read more about the process in this guide: How to Start a Society.

When a new society is approved, the SU has to establish how much staff resource will be required to support the group (e.g health and safety risks, public liability insurance, and the constitution). A number of these factors are based on legal requirements, such as compliance with the Education Act 1986 to ensure lawful free speech is never prevented or inhibited on campus.

Based on the required level of staff support, groups are classified as 'green', 'amber' or 'red' resource.

Student groups which are going to utilise a higher level of staff resource are classed as 'red'. Currently, 65 of 365 groups are classified as red-resource, spanning student media, arts, crafts and campaigning activities.

Universities have a statutory duty to risk assess all external speakers ahead of confirming their booking. These processes are standard for all our student groups.