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Welcome to AeroSoc, the Aerospace Engineering Departmental Society! We are the society for anyone studying Aerospace and for those who just have an interest in it. We connect coursemates and those with similar interests together through great socials, educational trips and our league winning sports teams!


Important dates for Freshers 2020!


21st September between 10am - 2pm: Online Freshers Fair

Come ‘visit’ our virtual stall to get an insight into AeroSoc and to find why it's the society for you.


24th September at 1pm: Get to know us!

We’ll hold an introductory meeting for you giving you a chance to meet your committee, find out more about us and what we do, as well as fire any questions you may have our way!


Straight after this, our Freshers Only AeroSoc Pub Quiz will take place, so get revising some Sheffield facts, and your favourite planes, to give you the best chance to be able to say you really are the smartest in your year! Or not, we’ll see how you get on...


26th October 10am - 2pm: Online Freshers Fair 2

In case you missed us the first time, or just really like us, then come along to our online stall a second time.




Within AeroSoc, we run many different events and socials to bring us all together and have a good laugh. From walks in the Peak District, paintball and movie nights to West Street Bar crawls and Roar/Poptarts nights out, you’re bound to have a good time. We also have our big formal Winter and Summer Balls to look forward to, allowing you to get dressed up and feel fancy – a change from usual student life… As well as this, we take part in the biggest cross-society uni nights, such as Dance Your Socs Off and The Big Engineering Boogie!


For the moment, we’ve got an online Pub Quiz, Games Night and Movie Night in the works to stick to current guidelines about socialising - but don’t worry we’ll be back to our usual events as soon as we can!


Also, when you sign up to AeroSoc, you get discount cards to our favourite West Street bars! We will try to get these to you early on so you can go out and enjoy cheaper food and drinks with your house/flat mates. Already we’ve got Revs and Tiger Works cards and a few others lined up. (There's the membership cost already being earnt back)




AeroSoc runs its own Football, Netball and Squash teams throughout the year*. These are all run just for fun, and allow anyone to get involved! Football and Netball take part in the intramural leagues, competing against other societies in both 6-a-side and 11-a-side football leagues, and a mixed gender netball league! Our Aerospace XI football team were champions of the Uni Sunday League in the 18/19 year and we’d love to win it again! Sign Up and prices for these teams will be released soon.


*Following current guidelines, Netball and Squash have been suspended until after Christmas. However, all Football teams will be running starting in October!


Football Group:


Netball Group:




We know this year may get to a slower start than usual in terms of society events, so we’ve decided to reduce our membership prices to reflect this. Rest assured, as soon as we’re allowed we will work extra hard to make up for lost time and organise tons of activities for you to get involved in making membership well worth it!


1 Year Membership - £8


Lifetime Membership - £23


Membership income goes towards subsiding tickets for events and the Winter/Summer Balls, as well as helping reduce the costs for educational visits. Any income is put straight back into the society so you’ll reap the reward of your investment. 


Your 2020/21 Committee


President - Mohit Miyanger

Vice-President - Jake Milstead

Social Secs - Charlotte King and Joe Ramsay

Secretary - Louis Glass

Treasurer - Henry Greaves

Educations Officer - Wes O’Callaghan

Inclusions Officer - Megan Hughes

Publicity Officer - Anna Skidmore

Football Sec - Ibrahima Niang

Netball Sec - Megan McLoughlin

Sports Social Sec - Finley Mackenzie 


Sign Up on this page today! We’d love to have you as part of the group and we look forward to seeing you on our socials or in our sports teams as soon as possible! Be sure to follow our social media for updates!


AeroSoc x



All of our clubs and societies are run by a committee.

A committee is a team of people that lead, organise and publicise a group within your Students' Union.

It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.