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As the African Caribbean Society, we aim to bring together Africans, Caribbeans and others interested in getting to know more about African and Caribbean cultures. We want to celebrate, showcase and indulge in our vibrant cultures and share them with the wider community. While ACS is famous for its successful socials and parties, we promote opportunities and create partnerships that will benefit our members as they pursue careers in the wider world outside of university. We also try to raise cultural awareness through events like the International Cultural Evening run by the International Students' Committee and host our own debates on various topics around being African Caribbean especially. Furthermore, we host and promote events during Black History Month, which highlight the successes made by many Africans and Caribbeans in the past and today. Check out our blog here which includes an array of posts from writers within the society and university! Join us in celebrating the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean and Africa, no matter where you're from - you're guaranteed to have a good time and meet great people! Contact Details Email: Find out more about undergraduate opportunities with some of our sponsors:  KPMG here- KPMG is part of a global network of member firms offering Audit, Tax and Advisory services to some of the world’s biggest businesses.



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