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Welcome to the University of Sheffield Airsoft Society!

So what is Airsoft? Airsoft is a relatively new combat simulation sport similar to paintball, except instead of expensive and inaccurate paintballs airsoft guns fire small 6mm plastic BBs. While paintball guns are infamous for causing bruises Airsoft rounds hold one thirteenth of the kinetic energy meaning one thirteenth of the pain! Airsoft guns also have considerably greater range and accuracy, which can lead to a more challenging and enjoyable sport. A typical day airsofting consists of multiple games each with a different mission scenario, such as capture the flag or defend the fort, most of which involve two large teams battling against each other to complete the objective. 

What do you need? As a society we welcome experienced airsofters who own an armoury as extensive as that of the US Army, as well as players who are brand new to the sport. All you really need is a sturdy pair of boots or trainers. We are able to lend new players airsoft guns and eye protection from our society armoury at a significantly reduced price compared to the cost of renting equipment from the sites we visit. This is thanks to the Alumni Foundation providing us with the funding to purchase 8 sets of rental equipment (which will hopefully grow as we do).

Why join the society? Over the course of 2019/20 we plan on organising society games on a monthly basis (or more often if we can raise enough interest!) and will be ensuring transport by car or coach to each of these for our members. There will also be fortnightly socials for a more relaxed opportunity to meet up with the other members outside of games. Moreover, we are now sponsored by the local airsoft shop, UK Airsoft, who are offering members a 5% discount in store!

You can find our Facebook page here and if you have any further queries please feel free to email us at



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