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So, what exactly is the Assassins guild? We run a series of non-lethal games of mock-assassination where players are designated a target which they then must hunt down whilst being targeted themselves.

Normally these games would take place across campus with makeshift weaponry but this year we’ll be putting your deception and betrayal skills to the test with a series of social deduction games played online!

We will be running a large variety of activities throughout the year with interesting themes and different levels of complexity, but all our events are friendly to newcomers so don’t be afraid to come along to whichever ones you like!

If you’d like to take part in our murderous amusements then come along to our Give It A Go games or, better yet, join up and keep an eye on our Facebook group where we announce upcoming games. If you’re down for something more relaxed, join us each Tuesday for our weekly party games! After all, we can’t be killing each other ALL the time…



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