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Welcome to Sheffield Bionics, a student-led organisation consisting of different engineering departments. We’re working towards building, testing and competing in several projects; much of our work revolves around the Cybathlon competition launched in 2012 – with commitment and work on our part, we plan to present our work at the third Cybathlon in 2024.

The projects currently being run are:

Arm prosthesis

Leg prosthesis

Brain-Computer Interface

Bootcamp (New!)

Over the summer of 2017, we worked to establish support from the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Students’ Union and Sheffield Robotics to gain testing equipment and work space. During the starting stages 2017-2018 academic year the society grew massively from the original founders and new members were encouraged to research the topic (and their particular project) extensively to get a deeper understanding of the task at hand. Most of the groundwork took place in this first year of the society. Currently all the projects are at different stages: 

The arm team is currently focusing on finishing the design and manufacturing of the arm prosthetic for an upper limb amputee. They are also working with Enactus and Project Regain with an aim to produce and sell our prosthetics.

The brain-computer interface team is currently working on developing a BCI-powered wheelchair; their work has so far been entirely computational but the purchase of their first BCI unit for use in the project is imminent.

The leg team is currently in its initial design phases and fully intends to be competing in the Cybathlon alongside the arm team in 2024.

Bionics Bootcamp is a new program designed to train new and/or old recruits to provide additional support to maintain progress in other projects.

During exam seasons the projects will be put on hold, whilst over the summer holidays, some projects may continue depending on external factors (e.g. Cybathlon deadlines). 

Students and staff who wish to get involved, find out additional information or other parties who would like to support us can reach us by email (, joining the Society’s Facebook group or seeing the Sheffield Bionics website.


The society and its projects are currently being run by the people below:


President: Alex Pop

Secretary: Bhoomika Gandhi

Treasurer: Nadine Shawky

Outreach, Inclusions social officer: Luc Curtis

Prosthetic Arm Project Leader: Thomas Binu Thomas

Prosthetic Leg Project Leader: Aleksander Karlowski

Brain Computer Interface Project Leader: Kateland Bobyn

Bootcamp Project Leader: Brooks Rady

Health and Safety Officer: Grace Faulkner 


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