Board Games Society

Special Interest/Media

The Sheffield Board Game Society is a fun society for people of all backgrounds and gaming abilities.

We’re a friendly bunch who are always excited to welcome new people, and are keen to teach games to anyone who isn’t already familiar with them.

We would normally 'meet' to play board games every Saturday from 2pm to 6pm, and Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm. We use our discord to play on various websites which enable us to do so.

 We play a wide variety of games, many of which are owned by the society and can be found on the Library page of the society facebook page. Some of our current favourites are Wingspan, Azul, Santorini, Twilight Imperium, Love Letter and the Resistance.

We also run events for collectible card games, so BoardSoc is the place at the university to play Magic the Gathering and other CCGs. Join the CCG group here. Make sure to check our Facebook page or the Group for the most up-to-date information about where we will be, and feel free to come along.


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All of our clubs and societies are run by a committee.

A committee is a team of people that lead, organise and publicise a group within your Students' Union.

It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.