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Hi! We are the University of Sheffield Ceilidh Society (or CeilidhSoc for short); we like dancing, playing and listening to traditional music from all over the British Isles, Europe and beyond. We hold regular ceilidhs throughout the university year - a ceilidh is a Gaelic word meaning an informal gathering for music and dance, which we interpret to mean a fantastic party. We welcome everyone to our dances: the experienced, the newcomers and the curious! All of our events have a live band of musicians playing high-intensity traditional music for dancing, but don't worry if you've never tried traditional folk dance before as there is always a fantastic dance leader called a "caller" to teach the dance and shout out the steps as you go along. If you are new to UK then this is a great opportunity to experience some of Britain's cultural heritage and to try something new and exciting! Ceilidhs are a great place to meet many wonderful and friendly people. In addition to ceilidhs, we also run regular social and music "sessions" where we all play and listen to music together. (Don't worry if you don't play, as there's always somebody to talk to!) Please join our mailing list, visit us on social media or check out our website for more information about what we do! Annual society membership costs only £8 and that gets you into your first ceilidh for absolutely free... simply buy your membership card on the door when you arrive!! Website: www.ceilidhsoc.org



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