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The University of Sheffield Investment Society (USIS) welcomes all university students with an interest in banking, finance, and trading and is open to beginners and experienced individuals alike. We focus on providing all of our members with abundant resources and an environment of like-minded peers to learn about the finance industry, develop relevant skills, and prepare them for their potential careers. We achieve this through a number of initiatives and events, including commercial awareness workshops and conferences with high profile speakers from the finance industry.

USIS is separated into three segments:

·        USIS Investment Division

o   Largest student-led fund in Europe with £200,000 under management

o   Ideal for students interested in current affairs and investing. No prior experience required.

o   Twikker Fund: Yearlong competition between 5 teams who each compete with £10,000.

o   Typically hold meetings every week, but due to social distancing, we are moving to a more virtual environment.

o   Income Fund: Long-term orientated fund focusing on income yielding assets.


·        USIS Trading Division

o   Semester trading competitions and weekly meetings.

o   Open to both beginners and experienced individuals.

o   Progress in your chosen area of interest by taking on a learner, economist, analyst or researcher role.

o   Trading Division meeting times: Every Monday, 18:00 to 19:30 in Diamond Computer Room 4. (Being reviewed)

o   Typically hold meetings every week, but due to social distancing, we are moving to a more virtual environment.


·        USIS Review

o   quarterly editions examining developments in fields such as: Banking & Finance, Economics & Global Affairs, Investment & Strategy, and Politics

o   Open to both novice and experienced writers

o   Develop commercial awareness and demonstrate your interest in the professional fields you wish to work in

o   To apply, email with your name and a sample 550 word article



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It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.