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Welcome to Lishi Tai Chi Society! Come and try out a meditative exercise system that improves fitness, well-being, confidence and, most importantly, relaxation! 

We practice a wide variety of exercises of different arts: Tai Chi - For energized relaxation Dao Yoga - For flexibility and mindfulness Qigong meditation - Deep breath respiration techniques Kung Fu Hand of the wind - For self defence You will learn physical bodily principles as well as mental, emotional and spiritual principles such as alignment, core strength, suppleness, focus, positivity, feeling connected and going with the flow! It is based in an ancient Daoist system that is highly relevant in navigating through the fast-paced modern world.  Beginners are welcome at ANY point throughout the year because the basics of Lishi are easy to pick up and then, it’s just practice, practice, practice!!!

Weekly Classes online for the time being, 5:30 - 6:30 pm every Tuesday!

Class Members     £3 Guests       £4  Membership Year            £5 To find out more about special events and GIAG sessions check out our Facebook page:  



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