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The MDH PGR Student Society is a Representative Society for Postgraduate Research students (e.g. PhD students) in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health. There is no need to formally join - if you are an MDH PGR student at the University of Sheffield, then you are automatically a member of the Society and are welcome to attend any of our events, such as Pizza talks and the annual PGR Day! Our events are also open to other students from the University of Sheffield free of charge and are likely to be of particular interest to students considering doing a research degree or placement, or who have an interest in Medicine, Dentistry and Health.

We provide an opportunity for student representatives from each of the departments within the Faculty to meet each other and the Faculty PGR Lead (currently Martina Daly). This group gives PGR students a voice and helps ensure that student interests are represented in areas of course development, feedback, and general PGR provision. The Forum harnesses the creative power of students to develop ideas to help improve the PGR experience for students across the Faculty. We bring forward important issues to the Faculty Graduate Research Committee, which is our direct audience with the staff.

Committee meetings

We hold committee meetings roughly once per month throughout the year. These give you a chance to provide feedback on your experiences related to being a PGR student. This can range from academic feedback such as what you like and don't like about specific course components, to administrative issues such as registering at the university and submitting theses, to personal issues such as student mental health and supervision. In addition to physically attending these meetings to discuss matters of interest to you, you can also email the Society email address ( to ask for us to raise your issues in our committee meetings or higher up in the University, or provide advice (many of the issues students face are surprisingly common and we might have experience with helping out students in a similar situation to you before). If you feel your issue is specific to a certain department, then you can contact your departmental representative directly (contact details below).

We would be very grateful for any student volunteers from across the MDH faculty, in any department. We currently have at least one student rep in every department already (except ScHARR), so you can speak to your departmental representative to ask about this if you would like more information on what their experience has been like and are interested in helping out and working with the rest of the committee. In addition, the roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Inclusions Officer and Communications Officer will be up for election in the Autumn at our annual general meeting (AGM) in October 2020! Alternatively, you can propose a new role that you would be interested in doing and start in this role immediately.

Pizza Talks

Join us for our 1st Pizza Talk in 2020! 

Date:  21st January 2020    Time:   5:30-7:00pm   

Venue: Workroom 1, Ground Floor, The Diamond, The University of Sheffield, 32 Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield S3 7RD

Pizza Talks are informal student-led events that give you the chance to practice your presentation skills, socialise with students from across the faculty and eat FREE PIZZA!

You can present anything you like in a format suitable for students from across the faculty. For example:

·  A lay summary of your research

·  A 'Hot topic' in your field at the moment 

·  A particular experience you have had as a PhD student

·  Anything else you feel will be interesting to students in the faculty...

Pizza Talks will typically take place roughly once per month between January - June 2020 and will be advertised at least two weeks in advance.  If you would like to get involved in organising the Pizza Talks, then please email


PGR Day is a free annual research day for the faculty which aims to provide important information for PGR students while also being a platform to allow inter-departmental socialising and cohort building - PGR Day 2020 will focus on Career Development.

Previous themes of this day have included disseminating research, transferable skills, submitting your thesis, minimising stress and work pressures, and in 2019 our theme was Collaborating Your Way to Success. We provide an interactive day full with workshops, talks from guest speakers focused in academia and industry, including networking and organisational skills, as well as our popular Gone in 60 Seconds competition (A fun rapid description of your research in 60 seconds or less), where students have the opportunity to present their research concisely to peers, with 2x £50 Amazon vouchers awarded to the winners! Participants are all fully catered to, with a free lunch and refreshments.  

The programme for our most recent PGR day can be viewed at the link below.

If you would like to get involved with organising PGR Day 2020, or if you have ideas about what themes you would enjoy exploring at PGR Day 2020, then please email your ideas to

Contact Details

General Enquiries
Society E-mail Account (

Dental School
Esra Amoura - also Chair (
Lamis ElSharkasi - also Chair (
Naeima Hendawi - also Treasurer (

Human Communication Sciences
Isabel Windeatt - (

Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease
George Bowley (
Miraj Chowdhury (
Favour Felix (
Rebecca Hull (
Emma Brudenell (
Fiona Macleod (
Kirsty Leigh Bradley (
Rebecca Dowey (

Oluwaseyi Pearce - also Secretary (
Amy Keerie - also Inclusions Officer (
Monica Alejandra Rebollar - also Communications Officer (
Tim Freeman - (
Charlotte Mason - (
Anushka Bhargava - (

Nursing and Midwifery
Joe Bailey - (

Oncology and Metabolism
Denise Giovana Carrasco - (
Christine Hospach - (
Hiba Alessa - (

Vacant - please contact for ScHARR-related enquiries or to sign up as a ScHARR rep.


All of our clubs and societies are run by a committee.

A committee is a team of people that lead, organise and publicise a group within your Students' Union.

It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.