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We are a mixed bunch of both students and non-students who get together to train people in how to use medieval weapons from the 15th century, make costumes / medieval clothes, socialise and generally have fun. We have swords (both single and hand-and-a-half), bucklers and a variety of bill (spears) to learn to use. Many members also take part in living-history events in the summer which you can go to in conjunction with the local War of the Roses group, the Nevilles. These are great weekends of camping with your mates, where you just happen to be dressed in 15th century clothing. No pre-requisites for joining us, just a desire to have fun and get stuck in! How to join: Check our Facebook page or Twitter for each week's venue. We train from 1pm to 5pm every Sunday and then head off to the Francis Newton afterwards for food and drinks. Wear clothes suitable for exercising in and sensible shoes or trainers. Membership costs £4 for the full year.  The only extra charges are for optional activities such as living history sessions, material to make clothes or if you're really keen, your own weapons and armour.


Unfortunately, there is a global crisis occurring currently. We are currently not running sessions as we need to meet in person, which we cannot do in lockdown. We hope to run some online socials this semester and information will be given through our Facebook page.

 Here are a few videos to help you understand what we do for now: Battle of Bosworth Re-enactment Coverage. We do both bill fighting and sword fighting within the society. This is one of the events our affiliated group the Nevilles attend where both skills are used to reenact battles. Lucet Cord Making. One of the crafts we do that you can try at home is lucet cord making. This is what we use for laces and cords for bags and is a simple technique to learn. Finger Braiding. We also do finger braiding to make our cords. Constitution:


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It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.