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About Us
Whether it be through personal experiences or the knowledge of others whose lives may have been impacted, mental health affects us all in various different ways. Up to 1 in 4 people are affected by a form of mental illness at some point in their lives.

MHM is an award-winning society committed to raising awareness of mental health issues. We seek to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and fight for better funding for mental health services both locally and nationally. 

Our meetings are varied, but in the past, we have run mindfulness sessions, collaborations with other societies, and performances with SUTCo. We also work closely with mental health charities such as Mind, BEAT, and SYEDA. Check our Facebook page for updates, or if you click here, you can also sign up to our weekly email newsletter.

Our Committee
The committee for 2020/21 is as follows:

President: Tanya Aneja
Vice President and Inclusions Officer: Ritik Agarwal
Secretary: Arka Pravos Sengupta
Treasurer: Dominic Fairbrass
LGBTQ+ Students' Officer: Elamathi Elangovan
Events, Campaigns, and Publicity Officers: Clarice Fung and Jessica Kirschmann 
BAME Students' Officer: Fatima Saleem
International Students' Officer: Noemi Gonzalez
Men's Health Officer: Rohan Joshi 
First Year Students' Officer: Anna Dallas-Goncalves
Fundraising Officer: Rebecca Crick 

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