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Namaste! Welcome to the University of Sheffield's Nepalese Society! NepSoc is a society aiming to preserve and promote Nepali culture amongst the diverse community of Sheffield university. While supporting Nepalese students from both home and abroad integrate into the university life, we want to unite our members through fun social, environmental and charitable events.

Being far away from your home and family can be hard. Hence NepSoc serves as a platform to celebrate the many cultural festivals of Nepal, including Dashain, Tihar and Nepalese New Year and bring a sense of home to Sheffield! We will also promote Nepali language, music and dance in events such as UoS International Language Festival, International Cultural Evening and World Food Festival.

Have I mentioned we intend on having regular socials revolving around delicious, Nepalese food? Oh yes, momos, aloo dums, chatpate, sel roti and many more! So whether you are from Nepal, or are interested in the Nepali culture, or have never even heard of Nepal, you are all very welcome to join us!



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It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.