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Welcome to the University of Sheffield Politics Society!

We are a politically neutral society looking to enhance your experience of being a Politics Student. We host political events, for example with guest speakers sharing their expertise or opinion; social events including a Summer ball, Christmas meal and trip abroad; and socials which are both drinking and non-drinking. We also offer opportunities to volunteer, host fundraising events for charities and run three InterMural teams for Netball, and men’s and women's Football. There is something for everyone! We want to help you make the most of your time at Sheffield and feel proud to be a Politics Student. Please get involved with all we have to offer as we are really keen to improve the student experience and bond as a subject! If you have any questions or queries, then please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

So, what do we offer?

Political Events: We offer a variety of political events including all aspects of the political spectrum! We will be hosting a number of speakers including Members of Parliament and Think Tanks. In addition, we work with other political societies to make sure we offer dynamic events that speak to everyone on the political spectrum. 

Events: We offer our annual trip abroad - Last year we headed to Budapest to visit ruin bars, explore the beautiful castles, and go for walks by the Danube! You will be invited to the Winter Dinner and the Summer Ball so you can celebrate with coursemates by getting dressed to the nines and dancing until morning!

Charity and Volunteering: The society organises various fundraising events throughout the year, to raise money for our adopted charity, Assist Sheffield. There will be a variety of events aiming to raise money for this worthy cause and meaningful charity! The society also runs a volunteering scheme each year which you can take part in, called "The People's Politics", where you teach politics lessons to primary school children.

Socials: We offer a variety of different socials throughout the year and this year we're hoping to expand the activities and socials on offer making it the most fun and inclusive year yet! Ranging from nights out to sober socials and huge events with other societies, like Dance Your Socks Off, one of the biggest socials across the university! The Fresher’s Social is the best place to meet your future friends for life where we usually have 100+ freshers attending.

Sports: We have a number of sports teams in the intramural leagues; including successful football and netball teams. Whether you're a semi-professional or a beginner we'd love you to join our teams! The society’s football team recently won the Intermural cup and the Netball team has jumped up two leagues, both testaments to how great our teams are! There is also a women’s football team which is new for 2020. Each sport offers a taster session and organises training, socials and of course the matches. A great way to make friends and get active as well, something really good for our mental health.

Your Committee for 2019/20:

President - Joe Ellis 

Secretary-General - Charlotte Stern

Treasurer - Holly Mcrobert

Inclusions Secretary - Alice Mahon

Social Secretaries - Ben Phillips and Tom Quinn

Events Secretaries - Simran Sangherra and Ben Sauders

Political Events Secretaries - Abbie Foy and Noah Eicke  

Men's Football Secretaries - Josh White and Max Haley

Netball Secretary - Ellie Butterworth

Women's Football Secretary: Millie Lavis

Volunteering Secretary: Quiesher Munn

Charity Secretary: Lucy Marsden

Alumni and Graduate Secretary: Chelsea Hargreaves

Publicity Secretary: Niamh Godfrey

Membership for PolSoc costs just £15 for 3 years or £5 for 1 year and will be available online! Masters students can opt for a discounted membership priced at £4 for 1 year!

The fee goes towards putting on and making sure we give you the best value for money for all the socials, sports, charities, and activities you can get involved in during your time at Sheffield.

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Sheffield. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to get a flavour for what our events are all about, or even give us an Email!

Awards:  Political Studies Association's Politics Society of the Year Award 2019/20 Shortlisted for three Academic Awards 2020: Departmental Society of the Year, Collaborative Initiative of the Year, President of the Year 



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