Radiology Society

Medical Society Sub-Committee

The Radiology Society at the University of Sheffield - in association with the Royal College of Radiologists.

The University of Sheffield Radiology Society was established in March 2017 by a group of students with a common interest in radiology, who saw the need to have a representative of the specialty at an undergraduate level to be of vital importance.

Radiology is an expansively growing medical specialty but unfortunately medical students often are not exposed to aspects of this field such as the training programme and different subspecialties such as the growing field of intervention radiology. Undergraduate radiology teaching often leaves students uninterested and even avoiding the specialty. Clinical radiology plays a role in both primary care and almost every department of hospital medicine; consequently, there will be inevitable interactions between junior doctors and imaging departments

Our society aims to not only support those who are interested in a career in radiology but also provide image interpretation teaching, in conjunction with the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals radiology department, to students at all stages of training. We hope to aid our future junior doctors to be more comfortable with image interpretation and hopefully spark an interest in pursuing a career in radiology.


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