Romanian Society


Founded in 2005 The Romanian Society has evolved in the wonderful community that we are today. We welcome any Romanians, Romanian speakers or just people interested in our culture to join our group so that we can create amazing memories together. Throughout the year we organise many interesting events that you can take a part of. From activities that promote the Romanian culture to thematic nights out and huge events ran by the Student's Union, we guarantee good fun, great friends and unforgettable experiences. Some of the main events:  International Cultural Evening: Our Society puts an outstanding display of dance, music and tradition into carefully thought choreographies every year, when we participate in the International Cultural Evening (ICE) contest organised by the International Students Committee (ISC). Our hard work pays off, as we won in 2013 and came third in 2017. We have and we will keep on participating at this event as it puts us on the map alongside many other international societies.  Battle of the Bands: Another event that we are proud of is Battle of the Bands also organised by ISC which we won in 2014 with a great performance put on by our band. World Food Festival is an event very close to our heart which creates lots of memories every single year. As we have a passion for sharing traditional cuisines from our home nation, in 2016 we decided to provide a prize draw in which the winner received a large basket of Romanian sweets and treats. We are keen to continue participating in this event for the foreseeable future and hope you will come and join us! Football and Squash teams: For those interested, we have society football and squash teams that participate in the University Intra Mural leagues. Apart from them, we have other sport give it a go sessions thorughout the year. Other successful events: Halloween party Christmas party National Day event Dance Your Socks Off bar crawl 1st of May Barbeque Laser Tag End of year party We invite you to like and join our Official Facebook Page and Group to be up to date with everything we do.

2020-2021 Committee Members contact:

President: Radu Rotaru - Secretary: Diana Nita -      Treasurer: Maria Angelescu -                 Inclusion Officer: Elena Mocanca                      Social Secretary: Lorena Gudruman -          Publicity Officer: Andrada Urdea -   Web Officer: Malina Anghel -  Sports Officer: Stefan Garbur - 

The sponsors and partners for the 2020-2021 academic year are: Revolution Bar Sheffield   

 You can find out more about the exclusive benefits of joining our society by checking out the Resources section on the left hand side of the screen under the logo. How to join: Click on the Join Group Button and pay for the digital membership or contact one of the members of the committee and we will sort it out. Cost of membership: £4



All of our clubs and societies are run by a committee.

A committee is a team of people that lead, organise and publicise a group within your Students' Union.

It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.