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 Hi and welcome to ScienceBrainwaves! We are glad to have you here! 


ScienceBrainwaves is a registered charity and a non-profit organisation run by enthusiasts from the University of Sheffield. We are based in Sheffield & supported by the University's Volunteering Team.


Our main goal as a committee is to develop activities to promote interest in science and technology across children of all ages and backgrounds.


We have previously worked with Science Alive, Buzz Child Contact Centre and SIBS, a registered charity for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults. Together we held educational events related to STEM subjects.


The best part of our committee is our dedication and responsibility to promote science in a very clear and understandable way. Working with kids has provided us with some amazing skills such as confidence and adaptability, critical thinking, management and presenting skills, problem-solving and communication skills and the ability to explain things better.


Why volunteer: Make a positive difference, build your confidence and CV,  meet like-minded people, get a sense of purpose, benefit your wellbeing, get the best out of your student experience.


Due to COVID restrictions, this year hasn't been the same for us. Fortunately, we managed to provide schools with pre-recorded materials and online held live-sessions. What is more, during semester 1 we held a GIAG even in which we showed how to extract DNA from strawberries by using ordinary household items. Furthermore, we organised fantastic lecture events with pronounced speakers in the field of science. 


Our committee members make all of this happen, but our volunteers are the ones who truly drive our mission forward! We won't be able to deliver our fantastic events without their help!


?You don't have to have any scientific background or study science to be a volunteer.?


Through the years the committee has had members from numerous disciplines. You only need enthusiasm & desire to make a positive difference.


For more information on upcoming events and how to join us, email us at

You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter where we share in detail the events for the month by sending us a quick email. We will get back to you & will put you on our mailing list!


?Committee members for 2020/2021:?

President & Head of Outreach: Sofia Marina Konstantinidou

Treasurer: Pei Cing Ng

Secretary & Head of Events: Loukas Podaropoulos

Head of Outreach & Publicity Officer & Inclusions officer: Karina Plamenova Dimitrova

Head of Events: George Kalampakos


Access our constitution:


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A committee is a team of people that lead, organise and publicise a group within your Students' Union.

It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.