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What is Model United Nations?
The Model United Nations Society (MUN) of the University of Sheffield is part of the United Nations Association-UK (UNA-UK) and an affiliate of the United Nations Association Youth Platform (within which several committee members occupy founding, senior roles!). MUN Societies are widely present in many universities worldwide and we are one of more than 40 such societies across the UK.
We have partners across the globe and a huge amount of networking opportunities with future diplomats, lawyers, politicians and more! SheffMUN 2019 welcomed delegates and chairs from three continents and half a dozen countries who came together to produce outstanding resolutions and have important, difficult conversations about the state of our world.
What is our aim?
We aim to support, advocate and critique the work of the United Nations in the student community through numerous events on campus, in the UK and abroad. Through our weekly workshops, we aim to provide our members with valuable debating experience, to build their knowledge and skills base and create meaningful professional and personal contacts via attendance at both UK and international conferences. By attending our workshops and conferences, our members take part in debates and discussions regarding various international issues and learn to provide solutions into building a better future via the means of cooperation.

We aim to create career opportunities for our members! With the help of our fellow MUN societies, UNA chapters, Uni of Sheffield societies and careerists in relevant areas, we have organised a great deal of networking events to help our members get the best possible opportunities. 

Lastly, we aim to make MUN accessible to all members regardless of gender, race, sexuality or class. We offer a generous reimbursement system for travel and event costs for members who partake in society events including international conferences! 

What do we do?
Model United Nations (MUN) - An academic simulation of the United Nations, MUN is carried out by millions of students in a variety of schools, universities and institutions worldwide. Engaging, interesting and occasionally hilarious, MUN is our primary activity and we welcome students of all disciplines to grasp the ropes and attend our weekly training workshops in preparation for actual conferences we attend in the UK and abroad. Each December we also host our own conference – “SheffMUN”, which is set to bring in students from all over the UK and Europe.

Debates and Talks - We frequently hold talks, debates and guest lectures pertaining to relevant topics and issues in the world today, featuring alumni, academics from the University of Sheffield and other universities, Members of Parliament, as well as prominent figures from respected bodies such as think tanks and pressure groups.

Fundraising - Each year we hold a series of charity events, with specific intentions to collaborate and cooperate with other university societies to more effectively raise money for important international causes. We partner 

Trips - Each year we aim to attend at least one conference outside of the UK. In the recent past we have attended MUN conferences in European cities such as Amsterdam, Bucharest and Prague. If you wish to find out where we plan to visit this year, please contact us via email or social media for updates. Throughout the year we also partake in numerous domestic conferences as a society.

What are the benefits of joining the society?
New skills – From leadership to negotiation and public speaking skills, joining the society has a lot to offer in terms of skills gained. You will have many opportunities to connect and interact with people from all over the world and attend exciting international events at many various locations. In the past, such locations have even included the UN Headquarters in New York and the European Parliament in Brussels!

Socials – We traditionally have a social gathering after every workshop each week and intend to run additional social events which provides the opportunity to meet and consort with inspiring, vibrant fellow members.

How much does it cost to join?
Standard membership of the society is £3 for a semester or £6 for the entire year for all students and this includes the membership fee and the MUN training costs, as well as access to events exclusively for our members. You can also get 2 and 3 year memberships which work out cheaper at £10 for 2 years and £15 for 3!
SheffMUN 2020!
Delegate Registrations

Early Bird (5th Aug to 5th September) - £23.00

Regular GROUP (5th Aug to 23rd Oct) - £23.00

Late GROUP (24th Oct to 10th November) - £28.00

Regular (6th Sept to 23rd Oct) - £ 28.00

Late Registrations (24th Oct to 10th Nov) - £33.00

Social Pack Purchases

Day 1 & 2 Social Pack (Chairs and Secretariat) - £10.00

Day 2 Social Pack (Conference Dinner) - £13.00

Social Pack (Day 1 + Day 2) - £20.00



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