Sign Language Society

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New members joining at this point in the semester, will regrettably not be able to join virtual classes, as the groups are already 3 sessions through the course, as such it will be difficult for beginners to catch up. If you join us as a member now – you can be registered as first entrants for Semester 2 courses starting in February. Otherwise, you can register interest with the form linked below.

Unfortunately, the SU website is currently missing some key features that would allow us to contact you properly. If you have registered interest or have purchased membership, please could you take 2-3 minutes to fill out the following form:

An opportunity to learn beginners British Sign Language (BSL) in a relaxed environment with the help of experienced teachers as well as support from the society members themselves. Usually sessions for members are every Wednesday from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm during semester time, followed by a drink or two at Interval. (this has been suspended in line with our SU 2020 mandate against in-person activities). For more information check out our Facebook group.

1 year membership to classes (online & in-person) is open to University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam Students, this includes a £1 donation to a registered Deaf charity - we are currently fundraising for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

1 year, non-student pricing is £8, under 18s may be allowed, if accompanied by a parent/guardian - this includes a £2 donation to a registered Deaf charity (HDDP)

Due to Government, University and SU restrictions on in-person activities, we unfortunately can't yet offer a definitive date for live sessions. The SU is planning to review their policies on a monthly basis. We are planning an online taster session for October, with following sessions run weekly/fortnightly towards the end of the semester.

Much of the material that we teach is based on Level 1 BSL syllabus, and if you feel prepared, we can try to put you in contact with Signature approved Level 1 BSL examiners. Our course length is up to 10/11 weeks per semester.

By tapping/clicking the 'Join this group button', you can select a membership type. The new SU website has unfortunately been experiencing some faults, but please bear with us if your membership is not immediately registered.

If you are not a UoS student and haven't used the Sheffield Students Union website before, you may need to register an account, when prompted. Please message us on messenger, email us directly at, or check out our website at for any further help.



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