Stop the Traffik Society

Political, Campaigning or Charity

At Stop the Traffik Society, we are focused on raising awareness of human trafficking — an incredibly prevalent issue that takes many forms. An estimated 40.3 million victims are trapped in modern-day slavery today. People are trafficked for domestic servitude, drug cultivation, forced labour (such as on cocoa bean farms), removal of organs, forced marriage, illegal adoptions or sexual exploitation. As a society, we are strongly affiliated with the international charity STOP THE TRAFFIK who work to put an end to all forms of trafficking, including sex trafficking but are not anti-prostitution. We are passionate about helping to prevent the sale of human beings, protect the victims, and prosecute the traffickers. We believe people should be treated as people, not objects to be bought and sold. If you are interested in joining our society, follow our Facebook for updates on our fortnightly online meetings 



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