Students for Global Health (Sheffield Branch)

Political, Campaigning or Charity

Students for Global Health (SfGH) is a society for students from all disciplines to work together to fight growing inequalities and inequities in global health. The national SfGH network is large and spans across England, Wales, and Scotland. Here in Sheffield, we’re a friendly and tight-knit bunch of dedicated students. We have ‘planning meetings’ in which we organize upcoming events and campaigns, and ‘activity meetings’ which we dedicate to learning about and acting on specific issues. Our work focuses on education, advocacy, and action. 1) Education: We run speaker nights and screen documentaries to educate other students about contemporary issues in Global Healthcare. We also have a working group dedicated to developing global health education at the University of Sheffield. 2) Advocacy: We support various campaigns throughout the academic year that fight against global health inequalities. 3) Action: We work locally within Sheffield to improve healthcare for asylum seekers and refugees, and to reduce the impact of climate change with various NHS bodies. We also plan fundraisers to support local and international charities. Students for Global Health offers you the chance to develop your own knowledge of healthcare on a global scale, and to contribute towards reducing the vast inequity and inequalities that exist in healthcare worldwide. Find us on Facebook and send us a message to find out about our next meeting and how to get involved!



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It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.