Sustainability Committee

Working Committee

Hey, everyone! We're the University of Sheffield Sustainability Committee and we work to represent students and societies on Social Justice and Environmental issues within the Students' Union and across the University.


We work with other committees, societies, and the student officers, in particular Jordan Weir, the current development officer.  We run campaigns and events to raise awareness and bring about change. We also assist the 20+ Environmental and Social Justice Societies in the 'Sustainability Network' with their own activities and campaigns.


Our previous successes include convincing the university to sign a 100% renewable electricity contract; petitioning for the introduction of a meat levy and more vegetarian options within Bar One; and assisting with the organisation of various student climate protests in Sheffield.


If you’d like to find out more about us or join one of the Environmental or Social Justice Societies within the network please checkout our Facebook and Instagram on the links below or give us an email on the Email Address:!




All of our clubs and societies are run by a committee.

A committee is a team of people that lead, organise and publicise a group within your Students' Union.

It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.