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Ever wanted to try out an exciting new (yet beautifully old-fashioned) style of dance? Well it might just be the time to try swing dance!

Our society is very friendly and inclusive of all levels of dance experience. Most of our members have never danced before in their lives! We welcome new members at all points during the year, and have lots of social opportunities to get to know everybody.

We meet up on a weekly basis for our Monday classes via Zoom. At our lessons you will be learning variations of the dance called Lindy Hop and Charleston as well as Solo Jazz, which we normally tribute to the African-American artists who started it all. You don't need a partner to participate in Solo Jazz. It is recommended that you bring a partner (like a fellow isolating friend or family) to the Lindy Hop and Charleston but it's not necessary! Just tie a rope/scarf/pair of old tights to a chair, desk, door or a vacuum cleaner and join us for the fun!

Swing Dance is seen to be somewhat of a cultural phenomenon which broke through racial barriers, in a time when segregation was the norm. We always aim to educate new swing dancers on its history as well as its practice.


Your first class is always free so get in touch with us via email or Facebook to come give it a go! This is a chance to start something that might turn into a lifelong passion. It's never too late to start to dance!

22/02/2021 7PM - Solo Jazz Tribute Class to Marie Bryant

7PM - Lindy Hop partnered class
8PM - Stroll (Shim Sham)

08/03/2021 7PM - Solo Charleston with Rob Shield

15/03/2021 7PM - Just Solo Jazz/African-American Vernacular Jazz

22/03/2021 7PM - Solo Jazz Tribute Class (TBC)


Memberships this semester are going to work slightly differently. Due to the Covid-19 crisis we will be hosting all events and lessons online until we can safely teach in person. Due to this all classes have been discounted. Memberships will only be available this semester to allow you to submit your email address to stay in contact with us, and we will be offering the ability to buy a class bundle pack, which will give you access to all our lessons for the semester. The prices are as follows:

£2.50 - One class 

£4 - Two classes in one night

£17- Class bundle pack- all classes and socials in semester 2

Classes are always open to ALL students, staff, faculty and associate members of the Students Union, regardless of experience or ability. If you are a non-student/not affiliated with the university/Students Union then please contact us for further information on how to join us!

Constitution: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13oqPtuajxJzgYvC2tciamAvyiI4gb38i/view?usp=sharing


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It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.