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Sheffield Tamil Society aims to bring together people from all backgrounds and religions that share one thing, the Tamil Culture. The brilliant thing about this society is that it is yours to shape. There are plenty of events that we have planned for the next year, including movie nights, restaurant meals, sports tournaments, participating in ICE to club nights. We hope to see you at our next event!

Please take a look at our articles to see what has gone on in Tamil Society ... 

Meet and Greet 2017
Laser Quest 2017
Dance Classes
International Cultural Evening 2018
Meet and Greet 2018
Laser Quest 2018
Venmegham 2019
International Cultural Evening 2019
End of Year Potluck 2019
AGM 2019



All of our clubs and societies are run by a committee.

A committee is a team of people that lead, organise and publicise a group within your Students' Union.

It can be really rewarding as well as being a great way to gain experience and invaluable skills for your future career.