Teddy Bear Hospital

Medical Society Sub-Committee

Welcome to Teddy Bear Hospital Sheffield! We are a group of medical students running events for children that aim to reduce fears and anxieties around hospital and GP visits, as well as working to use our platform to educate children on leading a healthy lifestyle.

We hold one main event each February at Weston Park Museum, which this year saw more than 800 children and their teddies visit! Children take their teddies to be weighed, bandaged, scanned in our fancy MRI machine and much more, as well as learning about healthy living, road safety and exercise. We also get our friends from the dental school and the ophthamology students involved too.

Throughout the year we organise a variety of other events with schools, playgroups, beaver troops and more, which are great opportunities to get involved.

To keep up to date with what we're up to, please like our facebook page!

To get in touch with any enquiries - teddybearhospital@sheffield.ac.uk

And if you're interested in joining us as a volunteer, please join the volunteer's group!

Teddy love xox


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