Moving In

In Sheffield most private rented student tenancies will start on 1st July and across the city, thousands of students will be on the move. You could be moving in to your new place just a few hours after the last tenants left and the house may not be in perfect condition! However whatever time you find yourself on the move, there are a few things you should do, as soon as the tenancy starts. For all you need to know about moving in and moving out in one convenient place, you can view our PDF guide for an overview.

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Viewing and choosing a property

Where possible try and find accommodation that is registered with Smart Move Sheffield or SNUG.

Ask the current tenants if there have been any problems with the house or the landlord or agent. This may be difficult if the landlord or agent is present but tenants can usually warn you of any pitfalls or reassure you that it would be a good move.

For your own safety, never view a property alone and preferably visit the property in daylight so you can have a good look around the outside and the area in general.

If you are part of a group, make sure everyone views the property and agrees that it is suitable before a contract is signed or you pay a deposit.

Set a budget that you can afford and stick to it. Remember to factor in things like utility bills, TV licence, contents insurance, food and other living costs. It’s difficult to provide accurate figures, but we suggest around £10-15 per week for bills if in a shared house. This may be considerably higher if you are in single self-contained accommodation.