22nd June 2020


Help for students affected by the refugee crisis from the Student Advice Centre

  1. Immigration
  2. Finance/Housing
  3. Academic

There are many students currently at the University of Sheffield who may be affected directly or indirectly by the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. The Student Advice Centre within the Students' Union provides specialist support to all current students and their families in the following areas:


We can help students who are worried about returning to their home country after their studies to look at all the options to remain in the UK including asylum and work categories. If you decide to apply for asylum we will support you to find a specialist Asylum/Human Rights lawyer. If you are able to fit into one of the work related categories such as the Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme, Tier 2 or Tier 5 we provide a full advice and support service for these applications from our International Student Advisers.


We are aware that the current crisis has led to a serious disruption to funding for both government sponsored and self financed students. In such cases we can help you to look for sources of help both from within the institution and external trusts and charities. We can also help you to negotiate with key creditors such as landlords and utility companies to avoid serious consequences such as eviction for non payment of rent. If you need help with any of these things please seek advice from one of our specialist Money and Housing Advisers.


If you are finding it hard to concentrate on your studies because of what is happening back home it is important that you let your department know this. You may want to take a leave of absence but it is important that you get immigration advice about the implications of doing this as the University is normally required to report any Tier 4 sponsored student who is not attending.

If you need advice about your options or help with talking to the department, our specialist Academic Advisers can help.

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