19th April 2020


  1. Tuition fees
  2. Fee status
  3. Tuition fee loans
  4. Paying fees
  5. Tuition fee refunds
  6. What happens if I don't pay my fees?

Tuition fees

The University sets your tuition fee based on what course you are studying and where you are from. They charge different rates for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and depending on whether you are a home or international student.

Fee status

You need to meet certain criteria to qualify for Home fee status. Further information on fee status, including who is eligible for Home fee status can be found on the University fee status webpage. Once you start your course, your fee status cannot normally be changed, e.g. from international to home. Only in very limited circumstances can fee status be changed after the start of the course. Find out more about these circumstances.

Tuition fee loans

UK and EU undergraduate students can apply for a tuition fee loan. The tuition fee loan will pay all of your fees for the academic year. There is no age limit for applying for a tuition fee loan.

You need to apply for a tuition fee loan through your funding provider – Student Finance England for students from England or the EU; Student Finance Wales for Welsh students; Student Finance Northern Ireland for students from Northern Ireland; or Student Awards Agency Scotland for students from Scotland.

It is important to apply as early as you can to make sure your funding is in place when you start your course. Student Loans Company pays the fees directly to the University on your behalf. The tuition fee loan is repayable in the same way as your maintenance loan.

Home Postgraduate students starting their a Masters course from August 2016 onwards, may be eligible to apply for the new Postgraduate Loan. This loan is paid directly to the student, therefore it is your repsonsibility to make the tiutiion fee payments to the unviersity.

The government will also be introducing a loan for Postgraduate Reseach students starting a Phd level course from September 2018. More information will be available towards spring/summer 2018. For updates nearer the time, please visit the Student Loans Company Website.

Paying fees

If you do not get a fee loan, you can pay your fees in full in advance, at registration or by instalments. If you pay in full you may be eligible for a full payment discount. For further details on full payment discounts and instalment plans please visit the University fees webpage, and select your relevant student/course type. You can also request payment plans line with your payment dates if you get the Postgraduate Loan or a Scholarship.. Please contact the Student Fees Team on studentfees@sheffield.ac.uk.

If you previously graduated from the University of Sheffield, and return for Postgraduate study, you may be eligible for an ‘Alumni discount’ on your fees. If you are in receipt of a Sheffield Scholars Scholarship or Postgraduate Loan then you will still be able to receive this discount. You don’t need to apply for the 10% discount, it is automatically applied by Registry Services when you register. Find out more about the Terms & Conditions of the discount.

If you have having problems paying your fees you can apply to the Registration Panel for a Personal Payment Scheme.

Tuition fee refunds

If you take a take a leave of absence or leave the University, you may be entitled to some tuition fee refund. The amount of refund is explained in the Fee Refund Policy and varies depending on how you pay your fees and when you start your leave of absence or withdraw.

Find out how much tuition fee refund you are due using the University's Tuition Fee Refund Calculator.

What happens if I don't pay my fees?

The university will take steps to withdraw you. You will not be able to graduate or to enrol on your next year of study if you owe the University tuition fees. The University will take debt recovery action against former students who have a fee debt. If you are having difficulty paying your fees please speak to a money adviser at the Student Advice Centre or contact the University Fees Team.