HEAR Requirements for Students' Union Committee Members

2017/18 Committee Members

Just been elected to a 2017/18 committee? Congratulations!

The first required task for HEAR verification is to register that you are on a committee by submitting a Committee Details Part B form here

You need to do this by Friday 19th May to ensure that your society stays active and registered into 2017/18.


2016/17 Committee Members

If you would like your 2016/17 committee position to be recorded in your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), you need to complete the following tasks within the 2016/17 committee year (April/May 2016 - April/May 2017):

Step 1. Register your committee position by submitting your Committee Details Part B form once by Friday 21st October 2016 at the very latest. 

Step 2. Attend the full duration of one training session from the Society/Committee Training Programme - you can attend any session which interests you from the programmes in April/May 2016,  October/November 2016 or February/March 2017. If you are on two committees, then you will need to attend one training session for each committee. Even if you attended training in 2015/16 (or any previous year), you still need to attend a session in 2016/17. You must sign in when you arrive for the session. All details of the training on offer can be found here

Step 3. When you are coming to the end of your role, submit a Committee Member Completion Form by Friday 19th May 2017. The Committee Member Completion Form will open on 24th April 2017 and will be available on this page

Step 4. Stay in your role from the date of handover to you (from the 2015/16 committee member) until the agreed date of handover to the 2017/18 committee member, following your election during Society Election Fortnight (20th March to 2nd April 2017). Any committee members who resign before this time will not be eligible to have their role recorded in their HEAR.

If you complete these steps, then your committee position will be added to your HEAR by staff on 30th June 2017 (after you have completed your role). 


Any questions? Email hear@sheffield.ac.uk

Want to know more about the HEAR? Go to: www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/hear


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