Ahlulbayt Islamic Society

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Assalamu Alaykum,

Sheffield Ahlulbayt Society is a new society which has been set up with the aim of propagating the light of Islam, The Holy Quran, the Prophet of Islam and his Holy Progeny [Ahlulbayt] and strives to fulfil the spiritual, social and academic needs of all Shia Muslim students in Sheffield University. We aim to provide our members and the wider community with a framework for understanding Islam and its philosophy which encompasses every aspect of our lives from sociology, and economics, to ecology, psychology and spirituality from the perspective of the Ahlulbayt. We promote equality, unity, friendship and knowledge.

Our events include gatherings every thursday night for Duaa Kumail, talks by expert speakers, gatherings during the month of Muharram, informal discussion circles and social gatherings. We also help organise and promote the annual IUS Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign whereby Muslims and people from Black and Minor ethnicity are encouraged to donate blood. 

To join (for free), please contact us via email: absoc@sheffield.ac.uk or through our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Contact Details:

Sheffield Students' Union, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TG
Registered Charity Number: 1147855