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Tenteleni Society


Tenteleni Society offers students/graduates the opportunity to take part in voluntary projects in Southern and Eastern Africa during the university summer vacation.


Are you thinking of what to do this summer? Want to gain valuable experience and skills as well as having a fantastic time?

Why not volunteer in Southern and Eastern Africa with Tenteleni!


Who are we?

We are partnered with the UK charity Tenteleni who support UK university students to work on community based projects in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa every year.


What do we offer?

Tenteleni run 8-10 week voluntary projects in Southern and Eastern Africa through the university summer. Our volunteers complete a formal placement as a teaching assistant in either a primary or secondary school during the day. In the evenings, volunteers support the local community by engaging in projects which best benefit the community that they are in, this can range from HIV support to working in an orphanage. Over the weekends the volunteers' time is their own, in which they usually travel around the beautiful countries they are placed in.


What makes us different?

We are an entirely volunteer run charity, and proud of it! This means there are minimal running costs – ultimately meaning that the cost for volunteers is massively cheaper than other organisations! Everyone involved is extremely passionate about what we are doing and having a sustainable impact.

Our volunteers receive training in the UK and abroad to enable them to develop a wide range of skills. We encourage our volunteers to develop core employability skills on our projects which looks fantastic on your CV! Many of our volunteers have gone on to do great things in International Development, Education, Law, Medicine and a variety of other fields.


The Society

We act as the first point of contact for the Charity and students. We run recruitment fairs, information evenings and drop in sessions for students at the University of Sheffield to help them find out more and apply. Everybody involved in the society here has done it – and loved it! We'd love for you to contact us and hear more about the charity, the work we do, and whether you'd be interested in getting involved with us.


Want to find out more? Contact Us!

Sheffield Students' Union, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TG
Registered Charity Number: 1147855