4th March 2021

Sheffield SU Statement on the conflict in Myanmar

Sheffield Students’ Union wishes to express our solidarity with all of our Myanmar students, currently affected by the difficult political situation in their country.

On February 1st, Myanmar military forces organised a state coup, arresting the democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi under dubious allegations. Massive protests have been going on in the country since then, which were met with unwarranted actions such as live ammunition and extreme use of force. As a result, at least 70 protesters have been killed so far.

We can only imagine how difficult it must be for our students to be facing such a challenging situation on top of the pandemic and all its related issues. We would like to reassure you that your Students’ Union stands with you, and is ready and willing to help with any emotional or practical struggles you may be facing.

Once again, we would like to reiterate our commitment to you during these times. Democracy is one of our core values and no attempt to harm it will ever be welcomed here. Keep safe and take care of each other.

Your Students’ Union Officers.


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