14th December 2020

Referendum Proposal: Should the Students’ Union implement the following reviewed SU Officer Roles?

Students’ Union Council has called a Referendum on whether to review the current Students’ Union Officer roles. A referendum is a decision made by an all student vote on a particular issue.

Should the Students’ Union implement the following reviewed elected SU Officer Roles?

Full Time Officers: Liberation, Education, Activities & Development, Wellbeing & Sport, Welfare & Sustainability, International & Community, SU President.

Part Time Officers: Postgraduate Students, Women Students, BME Students, Disabled Students, Mature Students, LGBT+ Students.

Full Proposal

All students will be able to vote in favour or against this proposal from 19th-21st January. 

Any student may also attend the all student meeting on the referendum proposal. You can sign up to attend here and a link will be sent to you.

Any student campaigning as part of this referendum must abide by the referendum rules.

For more information, email elections@sheffield.ac.uk.

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