7th October 2020

Our tips for online learning

The eight SU Officers all had a taste of online learning when the world first went into lockdown in March. These are some tips we have come up with to help you.

Try to create certain areas of study space that are appropriate for different types of learning - like when you're reading and article, you may like background noise so can sit at the dining table, but if you know you need to really concentrate, make sure you're in the correct space for that, maybe a desk or a certain spot in Western Bank.

It is really important to continue to plan out your week, treat yourself to a nice planner, even if you don’t stick to it it can help at least give you the intention of structure.

Within this, factor in getting some fresh air and taking your mind of the current situation, it can be overwhelming and even more so on top of studying for a degree.

Keep each other motivated in your bubble!

Join/stay in touch with your favourite societies - they are communities within themselves and always have activities happening or someone to chat to - Departmental ones may be particularly helpful for subject-specific help link: https://su.sheffield.ac.uk/activities/find-a-society.

Also, check out the Give it A Go programme for Semester 1

Come and grab a coffee from Coffee Revs and take in the environment of your SU - use this time to reflect on the work you have done so far outside of your learning environment.

Make use of the access you have to your lecturers and personal tutor, they are always happy to hear from you and have a chat.


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