30th October 2019

Register to vote by Tuesday 26 November

The General Election is coming, so don't miss the chance to have your say!

On the 12 December, the power will be in your hands to decide who’ll be leading your constituency and the country. But if you haven’t registered to vote, you’ll miss out on that opportunity.
Make sure you’re registered by Tuesday 26 November
Register online today. It’s quick and simple; all you’ll need is your address and your national insurance number. 
Not sure where you will be on 12 December?
Register in your home constituency, and in Sheffield, and you can decide where you want to cast your vote on the day. You can only vote in one location. You can also apply for a postal vote and cast your vote before December 12th.
Studying abroad this semester?
Register for a proxy vote and have someone you know to vote on your behalf. 
Don’t know your national insurance number? 
You can find it on your payslip, P60 or tax return or visit Get your National Insurance number for assistance.
Commonwealth students can vote in UK General Elections
If you’re an international student, you may still be eligible to register and vote. Check by visiting Who can vote.
Happy Registering!

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