3rd March 2020

Advice for students seeking strike compensation

We know that many students are asking about compensation as a result of the strike.

If you're looking to pursue a compensation claim, we continue to recommend that you fill in this form: tinyurl.com/ucustrikeform

This will allow you to register your interest in making a complaint, including claiming compensation. The Student Advice Centre will then contact you once the industrial action is over to provide advice. This is the recommended route to seek compensation, based on guidance from the Office for Students, the OIA and NUS. A number of students across the country were successful in gaining compensation in relation to the strikes in 2018 through this route.

We strongly recommend you do not pay for a solicitor, or use a legal route that requires you to pay court fees. This is unnecessary, and you risk losing money if your case doesn't win.

You can find out more information on SU guidance when seeking compensation on the website at  https://su.sheffield.ac.uk/ucu-strike

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