Impact Report

The University of Sheffield Students' Union is democratically run by students, for students. Our purpose is to represent, support and enhance the lives of our students.

In this section you can discover our most recent impact report; celebrating our successes over the last year in improving the lives of not only our students but the Sheffield community and beyond.

Welcome from the President

The very existence of a students' union is radical. Our role as an organisation that unites students, supports them and amplifies their voices means that everything we do is about envisioning the ideal and trying to make it happen. The Students' Union is about making a difference - it's about growing ideas and nurturing student leaders to help them become the change makers of tomorrow.

Our campaigns have challenged racism and xenophobia in our political discourse, lobbied government at the highest levels and even changed laws. But our commitment to making change goes much deeper than that.

When our fundraising activity raises over £196,678 in a year, and 2,561 of our students and staff take part in volunteering opportunities; we're not only building links with the community, we're embedding social responsibility at the heart of our students and the University.

When our commercial outlets allow student input to place ethics and environmentalism at their core, it allows our students to explore ideas of ethical consumerism and really make a change in how we do business.

When our sports teams partner home and international students together, the lifelong friendships formed can spread across the world, challenging borders and affirming our commitment to a global community.

And when our students have an idea, the Students' Union is a place where they can express it, develop it and make it happen.

The numbers in this report tell one story: the story of the huge impact we have on our students, our University, our city and our society. Yet the individual tales of students' growth and learning all hold their own power and begin to paint a much more colourful picture. We hope this report will begin to show some of the diverse ways in which this Students' Union changes the world every single day.

Yael Shafritz
President of University of Sheffield
Students' Union 2014/15


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