Where My Money Goes

Every penny spent here goes back into supporting you; our members!

We want you to understand how we use the money you spend here. That's why we've produced the interactive graphic below to show what proportion of your money we use to fund each aspect of the Students' Union.

So when you spend £1 in the Students' Union this is where your money goes:

12p - Value Added Tax paid to the government

We reinvest every penny we can, but this portion represents the share we pay to the government in tax.

28p - Staff costs and wages

This is the direct cost of people employed in the commercial areas, around 70% of whom are students themselves.

6p - Running costs

This is the day to day costs of running the commercial areas and includes everything from glasses in Bar One, to coffee cups in Coffee Rev, salad bowls in New Leaf, to menus in the Interval. It also covers staff training, uniforms and the cleaning of our building.

10p - Money invested back into improving and expanding your Students' Union

This is the contribution from the commercial outlets towards the costs of everything else the Students' Union offers.

Together with the grant from the University it pays for essential support structures, a safe clean and vibrant building, campaigning and representing, marketing campaigns, services and events, free advice and support and funding for activities, sport and volunteering.

As student needs change, we develop our Students’ Union offer too. Recently we reinvested money in schemes like our Innovation Fund and the redevelopment of Bar One.

41p - Cost of the product

This is what we pay our suppliers for the products we sell. Our main supplier for liquor is NUS Services Limited, the purchasing consortium of NUS. We are shareholders of this company and as such we join together with other student unions to exercise buying power and get the best deal for all of our students.

Of course we endeavour to source more local, environmentally friendly, and ethically sound products too. We are also working to produce more of our products in-house, meaning we can pass even more savings onto you.

3p - Building costs, fixtures and fittings

This covers annual wear and tear of all our commercial outlets and spreads the cost of big investments, like the Bar One refurbishment over several years.

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