Page:Student visas (Tier 4) and family members

Applying for Tier 4

Information on how to apply for your Tier 4 visa and sources of support and advice

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Problems with your Tier 4 visa

Information on what you can do if you have a refusal or a problem with your Tier 4 visa

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Becoming a Student Officer

Information on how to remain in the UK to work as an elected officer in the Students' Union.

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Conditions of your Tier 4 visa

Information about what you are allowed to do in the UK holding a Tier 4 visa including rights to healthcare and employment

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Dependants and Tier 4 Visas

Information on bringing your family to the UK

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PG Dr & Dentist training

If you are an international student with a Tier 4 visa who has an offer to do foundation training as a doctor or dentist you will need to apply for further leave to remain under Tier 4 to do this.

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