6th February 2020

Student Hub

The following is guidance and supporting information for academic reps.

The current information on the Student Hub is for the 2019/20 academic year and is therefore out of date. Further information will be provided in september 2020. Any questions can be addressed to: academicreps@sheffield.ac.uk.

  1. Guidance Documents
  2. Role Descriptions
  3. Reports and Best Practice
  4. HEAR & Certificates
  5. Changing the Curriculum

Changing the Curriculum

Want to take the next step and raise these issues in your department?

We would also love for you to contribute to this section - as our work on the curriculum is constantly evolving, and your input is the most important part of it!

If you've spotted a great video or resource on Education for Sustainable Development / Liberating or Decolonising the Curriculum, please let us know about it and we could add it here!

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