SU Officer Elections 2021

The SU Officer elections are one of the biggest events in the student calendar! It is your chance to make an impact on the experience of Sheffield students in the year ahead.

Sheffield Students Union is a charity run by, and for, students. Each year, a team of students are democratically elected to lead the SU for the following year. They are paid a salary to work full time, making sure that our 30,000 students are heard and have what they need to learn and thrive whilst at University.

You will also be electing 2 Student Trustees, and voting in referenda!

Students campaigning to become officers

Your Student Vote

All University of Sheffield students are eligible to vote.

Voting opens for three days on Monday 22nd March at 10am until Wednesday 24th March at 5pm.

Prior to voting, candidates for all positions will be announced on Monday 15th March.

Nominations now closed

Nominations in the SU Officer Elections 2021 are now closed.

Candidates Announced

Monday 15th March







SU Officer Elections Timeline

Monday 15th March

Candidates Announced

Monday 22nd March, 10am

Voting Begins

Wednesday 24th March, 5pm

Voting Ends

Thursday 25th March

Results Announced

All about the Sheffield SU Officer Elections 2021

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Full Time Officer Roles

Trustee Elections

As a registered charity, the Students’ Union is led by a Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of the Full Time SU Officers, 2 elected student Trustees, 2 appointed student Trustees, and a number of appointed external Trustees, who are not current students. The Trustee Board is responsible for our legal and governance obligations as a Charity, and the reputation and financial stability of the organisation, as well as the staff who work for the Students’ Union.

Elected Student Trustees will attend meetings of the Trustee Board (usually 4 per year) to give the student perspective on any decisions made. It’s an important role with heaps of experience, any employer would be impressed to see it on your CV!

Part Time Officers

In the recent referendum, you also voted in favour of creating a number of Part Time Officers. Those elected to these positions will be current students, who work part time to speak up for underrepresented groups alongside their studies!

These positions will not be elected now, but later on in the semester. You can read a summary of their responsibilities in our elections guide, above.

You Run Your SU

All students of the University of Sheffield are full members of the Students' Union, and they set its operational, political, financial and strategic direction.

As a member of the SU, you engage in all areas of democratic decision making. Whether that is electing diverse leaders who represent your interests, or participation in decision-making through referenda, petitions, debates, surveys and discussions.

Election Documents

Here are some essential pieces of information which you will need as a candidate in the SU Elections

Election Complaints Form
Election Rules

Questions about elections?

Team elections are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the elections process or the roles of the SU Councillor and NUS Delegate. Get in touch:

0114 222 8535