2nd January 2020

Activities Officer

Role Description

Salary: £19,730 (TBC by SU Council)
Purpose: To shape the activities programme (e.g. societies, volunteering) available to students and champion participation in activities. In particular to:
  • Develop and support a range of Student-Led activities
  • Represent the interests of student-led activities and projects
  • Lead on the development of inclusion and access improvements
Dates: Thursday 18th June 2020 to July 2021.
Includes 10 mandatory days of handover with the outgoing officer, and a weekend residential in late June or early July.
Who can stand? Any current student.
Other Info: All elected officers also become Trustees of the SU. Candidates must meet criteria for trustees (e.g. not be bankrupt).
  1. Role Description
  2. Specific Responsibilities

Specific Responsibilities

Develop and support a range of student-led activities

  • Ensure that a regular programme of activities is available.
  • Support and oversee the work of the Societies Committee in ensuring societies are as effective, resourceful and financially sound as possible.
  • Oversee and advise Societies Committee in approving new societies and reviewing societies’ expenditure applications.
  • Oversee volunteering activities for students, including by being an active member of Sheffield Volunteering Board.
  • Oversee fundraising, and other activities in support of charities, advising students who want to hold charitable appeals.

Represent the interests of student-led activities and projects

  • Work with University and SU staff to ensure recognition of the contribution and skills of students participating in activities.

Lead on the development of inclusion and access improvements

  • Work with Societies Committee and relevant staff, ensure activities are well promoted to students, including through an Activities Fair (or equivalent) during Intro Week.
  • Working with the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Service, ensure inter-faith initiatives and activities are organised and promoted.

Shared responsibilities (all officers):

  • Be an active member of the Student Executive Committee (SEC), overseeing SU direction and student representation as a whole.
  • Oversee SU policies and how they are turned into action.
  • Campaign for the rights and interests of students, locally or nationally.
  • Uphold the SU’s democratic processes, including by upholding decisions taken by Referenda and by reporting to SU Council on progress and key issues.
  • Support and develop liberation access.

You can find a full description of responsibilities for all Officers in Sheffield Students’ Union Bye-Law 4.

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