Activities Officer



A picture of the Activities Officer

Activities Officer role

Oversees the provision of student activities and the Students' Union's societies.

Works to increase the number of students engaged in societies, activities and volunteering projects.

Works with the University to ensure recognition of the contribution students make through activities and the importance of societies and volunteering as part of the student experience at Sheffield.

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I was inspired to become an SU Officer because...

I have always been heavily involved in societies during my degree and when I was elected to a society committee, I became more aware of the role that the Activities Officer has in the SU and wanted to do it myself!

What I’m looking forward to most during my year as an SU officer:

Representing the work of activities in the SU and working with all the amazing student groups.

What I’m hoping to achieve this year:

I’m hoping to increase accessibility to activities and improve opportunities for all.

What I love about Sheffield Students’ Union is…

There is always something going on! The SU is such a welcoming place for everyone and there’s something for all. There is also so much help, support and advice for when things aren’t going great.

The best thing about Sheffield is…

It’s a vibrant and happening city but affordable at the same!

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself as 1st year what would it be?

Don’t bring loads of stuff with you! But if you do (like I did!), make use of Sheffield’s numerous charity shops and donate your unwanted stuff.

You should get involved with activities at Sheffield Students’ Union because…

Get involved in absolutely everything you can and give it a try. The Activities and Sports fairs and ‘Give it a Go’ programme is a great way to try something.