Meaning of Christmas

Christmas (meaning Christ’s Mass) is a Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is usually observed on 25th December each year and originated from pre-Christian festivals such as those involving the Winter Solstice. In more recent years it has become celebrated by non-Christians too.

Christmas is celebrated in many countries and is often a public holiday.

A lot of European Christmas traditions originate from Germany including Santa Claus.

Many Chinese people eat apples because it sounds like the word “peace” in Mandarin

Instead of having traditional Christmas trees, some Indians will decorate a banana or mango tree

In Italy, a nativity scene, a ‘presepe’, is usually put up in churches, town squares and often in houses and is for many the most important parts of Christmas decorations.

In the Philippines there is a special tradition of having a Christmas lantern, which is called ‘paról’; the lantern is star-shaped, remembering the star of Bethlehem, and mainly made out of bamboo and paper.

In Austria during the advent season there is an advent wreath where one candle is lit each Sunday (starting 4 weeks before Christmas). Many families read poems, stories or sing songs on that day to celebrate.

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It’s Christmas! None of us can quite believe we’ve already been in post for six months. It’s been busy and we’ve all had so much going on, but we’ve loved every minute. From TEF to World Week, Wellbeing Cafe to 16 Days Against Gendered Violence (to name only a couple!), there’s been loads happening, and we’ve got even more coming up next term.

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