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Intro Support Tips

Every students’ ‘Intro’ is different - you make it whatever you want it to be. Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re Intro is memorable for all the right reasons:

Don’t feel pressured to do everything in your first week!
All our activities continue into the new term. You can join societies at any time and we have plenty of events where you can meet new people throughout the year

It’s not all about late nights and alcohol
There are loads of events and activities to enjoy which don’t involve drinking or club nights. Our extensive Give it a Go programme (add more here).

We have the support services to help
If at any time you feel you need some help or someone to talk you, visit the Student Online Support pages.

Make it a great night out
Look out for your new mates; stick together, and don’t walk home alone. Don't take or drink any unknown substances and if you have any concerns, our friendly security team are always ready to help. Use some of our Get Home Safe with our Women’s Minibus or Safe Taxi Scheme.

Look out for our friendly Intro ambassadors
They will be across campus during the first few weeks of your arrival. They are all current students so have lots of tips, knowledge, and support for you.

If you’re feeling lonely...
You may experience loneliness or other negative emotions during your first few weeks here, and this is normal. Visit the Big White Wall, a safe space online to get things off your chest, explore your feelings and learn how to improve and self-manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Financial support
If you are receiving financial support through Student Finance it should arrive roughly five working days after you register at University. This means you should budget some money for Intro Week to keep you going until it comes through. Make sure your application has been accepted and you have no tasks left to complete to ensure your payments are processed.

Many students struggle with managing their finances but our Student Advice Centre can help. Visit their website for advice and their contact details.

Access our Participation Grant
This grant exists to help students take part in Students' Union activities and sports who otherwise may not be able to due to financial or other barriers i.e. students receiving a bursary, student carers, or students with a disability. To find out more about applying visit the University's Participation grant website.

Remember other new students are in the same boat as you and will welcome a friendly new face to talk to!