We need your input to re-imagine a space for student leaders in the SU

You may be aware that due to the University needing to carry out some building works, an exciting opportunity has become available in the SU to significantly redesign the area on Level 2 where the finance corridor is situated.

Feedback from our members has highlighted the lack of space for student leaders and a need for a quiet room within the SU.  Trustees have agreed that this space should be dedicated to our working and representative committees to help their ongoing work, activity and the creation of a permanent quiet room.  With this knowledge, the Officers have visited a number of other spaces and buildings to seek inspiration on how to best utilise the new area.

We hope the new development will enable us to incorporate space that is open plan to allow for multi-use function, confidential meeting spaces and a quiet room. We now need your feedback to bring this project to life in a way that will excite you and reflect your needs as a committee.


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14th June 2018

Gallery Eye/Committee Hub dismantling

As part of the redesign of Level 2 and our commitment to utilising the space in the building as best we can, other spaces have been identified for attention to enable this project to progress.


Current & New Floor Plan


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We’ll use your feedback to help shape the final designs, budget permitting! Thanks for your input.