Purpose, Vision, Values

In 2016, Sheffield Student Union embarked upon the journey to develop our most far-reaching and bold strategy yet: one that will last us a generation.

‘Ours for life’ is our new 18-year strategy, which aims high in its ambition and scope, and sets out to change student lives for the better.

Our challenge is for the student who is born today - what promise can we make to them for their time when they come to Sheffield in 2034?

Ours for Life logo

Our Purpose

Representing, supporting, and enhancing the lives of University of Sheffield students

Our Vision

We promise our students the best university experience: top quality education, life-changing opportunities and experiences that liberate and support them for the best possible future. All within a strong Students’ Union run by and for students.

Our Values

Owned by Students

Empowered through Inclusion

Committed to Sustainability


Our Strategic Themes

For each theme, we have articulated clear goals for the next 3-5 years.

My Academic Life

My Social Life

My Place in the World

My Everyday Life

The Rest of My Life

Our Enablers

For each enabler, we have identified actions for the next 2-3 years. Beneath these are detailed plans and projects which will ensure we are delivering our aspirations. We are developing a comprehensive set of performance indicators and measures to help focus and monitor our work.

Student Leadership and Democracy

Strong Relationships


Digital and Data